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Hands down the best agile training I’ve come to know. I came to WinkiIT jobless with no higher education degree besides some college experience. Today I’m a 6 figure earner with experience to dominate the agile field. WinkiIT prepared me for a lot and gave real-life experiences and hands-on help to ease my anxiety entering a field where I had no previous experience. All it takes is a decision to want to make a change, the rest is taken care of. I would recommend this service 10 times over if I could!


Scrum Master, Winki IT Graduate

I was Introduced to Winki IT by a friend who today is a gainful beneficiary of these result-based community classes. The Founder, Coach, Instructor, SSM has been a great aspiration. She said, ” If your dreams do not scare you then it’s not enough”. This has been my drive to this date. I was a certified Scrum Master a few weeks after class completion and was invited for interviews prior to my SM certification. I am a certified Engineer with the US army thanks to Winki IT. My communication skills have improved immensely, the list continues. This is a place to be.


Scrum Master, Winki IT Graduate