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Our Courses

Onboarding Sessions Available On-Demand 

Agile Training


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Scrum Master Training

Our Mission

An Agile Approach to Consulting

At Winki IT Consulting Inc we believe in harnessing the benefits of implementing the agile methodology at scale to cut software development & delivery time for our clients. We are open to assisting small businesses and enterprises alike in their Agile transformation journey, helping them improve product development and process improvements.

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Our Mentorship, and Coaching Services

Our Instructors at Winki IT working alongside graduates from the program created the perfect coaching model designed to benefit new scrum masters, helping them gain confidence through consistent training and feedback as they transition on the job into their new Agile environment.


Resume Building


Job Searching



Interview Preparation



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Winki IT has the best program you can attend. From day one they’ll hold your hand, teaching you the material, preparing you for interviews & 101 coaching on the job & beyond. It’s the best decision I ever made. Don’t be left out. Join the moving train.

Marianne Neba

Scrum Master, Winki IT Graduate

How Do I Know If Winki IT is Right for Me?

We do more than just prepare your team for certification. We dig deep into the principles behind Agile & Scrum and show how they align with best practices.

100% Job Oriented Online Training

Agile teams work differently from chain-of-command bureaucracies. They are largely self-governing: Senior leaders tell team members where to innovate but not how. And the teams work closely with customers, both external and internal. Our team works with you giving you the coaching you need to navigate leading your own team.

1 on 1 Mentorship

Our instructors at Winki IT are available to work with students on a one-on-one basis as they navigate both their professional and personal life as a SCRUM master, providing guidance and counseling in areas like time management, exam prep, and other technical aspects of the profession.

Instructor Led Face to Face Live Training

Our instructor-led courses are available online via zoom where students can interact with their trainers in real time. 

Resume Building/Referrals

Our team can help students prepare for interviews as well as format their resumes in the best professional way to showcase their experience and expertise when trying to land a good Agile-oriented position. 

100% Success Rate

Every student we’ve trained at Winki IT to date successfully passed their certification exams and are currently employed with different good paying companies. 

Current Students




Hands down the best agile training I’ve come to know. I came to WinkiIT jobless with no higher education degree besides some college experience. Today I’m a 6 figure earner with experience to dominate the agile field. WinkiIT prepared me for a lot and gave real-life experiences and hands-on help to ease my anxiety entering a field where I had no previous experience. All it takes is a decision to want to make a change, the rest is taken care of. I would recommend this service 10 times over if I could!


Scrum Master, Winki IT Graduate

I was Introduced to Winki IT by a friend who today is a gainful beneficiary of these result-based community classes. The Founder, Coach, Instructor, SSM has been a great aspiration. She said, ” If your dreams do not scare you then it’s not enough”. This has been my drive to this date. I was a certified Scrum Master a few weeks after class completion and was invited for interviews prior to my SM certification. I am a certified Engineer with the US army thanks to Winki IT. My communication skills have improved immensely, the list continues. This is a place to be.


Scrum Master, Winki IT Graduate