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Our Services

Agile Transformation Consulting

Implementing agile methodologies can help your business become more responsive and competitive. Lead High-Performing teams, build products your customers will love, and improve operational efficiency. Winki IT consultants support enterprise Agile Transformations of every scale. Our experts understand that an agile transformation is more than just improving the software delivery process but also bringing about a mindset change for the individuals, team, and organization and we are here to help you lead your team’s transition to agile safely through a tested incremental, pragmatic process.

Mentorship and Coaching

At Winki IT Consulting Inc our instructors leverage years of on the field experience, alongside the help of some of the program’s top graduates to isolate the needs and on-the-job requirements beneficial to new agile Scrum Masters as they join the workforce. Our approach is to mentor and guide students both hands-on and mentally to help them gain the confidence they need to thrive through consistent training and feedback.

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Resume Building and Interview Preparation

Winki IT Consultants in addition to assisting you with preparing for technical interviews focus on guiding you to build an Agile methodology resume capable of helping you grab your desired Agile-based opportunity without any hurdle. Several qualified developers struggle with representing their agile experiences on their resumes as agile is a methodology and not a skill or profile. Our instructors can help you successfully showcase all of your agile experiences wisely in your resume in a way in which to avoid redundancy.

Who is a Scrum Master?

A Scrum master is the leader of a Scrum team. He is the professional responsible for championing a project, providing guidance to the team and product owner, and making sure all best agile practices are followed by team members. The Scrum master not only addresses all phases of the agile development process but also serves the business, product owner, team, and individuals and facilitates communication and collaboration between all these elements.

Can I Become A Scrum Master With No IT Background?

Yes, you can!! An IT background is not required to become a Scrum Master.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No, we work with startups as well.

Do I Need A College Degree to become a Scrum Master?

No, you don’t but if you do have one that is great.

What Is The Class Schedule Like?

The class schedule is determined by the number of registered students available during any given session or what works best for our students

If I Start The Training And For Some Reason Can't Complete, What happens?

You can always return at a later time to complete your training once you’ve sorted out your schedule.

After Completing the Training, What Is The Possibility For Me To Get A Job?

There is a high and continuous demand for Scrum masters out on the field so chances of landing a good job are pretty high. We also help our graduates with resume and interview preparations.

What If I Don't Attend A Class, How Do I Catch Up?

Our Winki IT instructors have recorded sessions of every lesson available for students to watch at their own convenience.


I was Introduced to Winki IT by a friend who today is a gainful beneficiary of these result-based community classes. The Founder, Coach, Instructor, SSM has been a great aspiration. She said, ” If your dreams do not scare you then it’s not enough”. This has been my drive to this date. I was a certified Scrum Master a few weeks after class completion and was invited for interviews prior to my SM certification. I am a certified Engineer with the US army thanks to Winki IT. My communication skills have improved immensely, the list continues. This is a place to be.


Scrum Master, Winki IT Graduate

Hands down the best agile training I’ve come to know. I came to WinkiIT jobless with no higher education degree besides some college experience. Today I’m a 6 figure earner with experience to dominate the agile field. WinkiIT prepared me for a lot and gave real-life experiences and hands-on help to ease my anxiety entering a field where I had no previous experience. All it takes is a decision to want to make a change, the rest is taken care of. I would recommend this service 10 times over if I could!


Scrum Master, Winki IT Graduate

Winki IT has the best program you can attend. From day one they’ll hold your hand, teaching you the material, preparing you for interviews & 101 coaching on the job & beyond. It’s the best decision I ever made. Don’t be left out. Join the moving train.

Marianne Neba

Scrum Master, Winki IT Graduate